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Lawyers + Social Media – Part 2

In the first post in this series about lawyers and social media, we focused on ethical issues related to LinkedIn and Facebook. This post examines similar issues related to lawyers’ use of Twitter and Groupon. Twitter More and more lawyers are using Twitter to communicate with potential clients, advertise their services, and comment on legal […]

Lack of Technology Proficiency Raises Concerns Beyond Just Competence

We have previously posted entries about the relatively new comment 8 to Rule 1.1, which requires lawyers to keep abreast of changes in relevant technology that affects the practice of law. A new ABA article by a New York attorney discusses the possibility that failure to stay current with technological changes can lead to concerns […]

Changes to the Ohio Rules of Professional Conduct: Part 3

The 2015 amendments to the Ohio Rules of Professional Conduct also address the hiring of 3rd party service providers, non-Ohio lawyer advertising and Ohio lawyer advertising. Comment 1 to Rule 5.3 [Responsibilities regarding NonLawyer Assistants] has been amended to increase the circle of responsibility to “nonlawyers outside the firm or agency who work on firm or […]

ABA Issues Opinion 468 on the Sale of Law Practice

The ABA Committee on Ethics and Professional Responsibility issued on October 8, 2014, its Formal Opinion 468, entitled “Facilitating the Sale of a Law Practice.” ABA Opinions are non-binding in Ohio but are often authoritative. The Syllabus of the Opinion confirms that when a lawyer or law firm sells a law practice under Rule 1.17, […]

Indefinite Suspension for former Weston Hurd Managing Partner

After a 3-day hearing, the Board of Commissioners on Grievances and Discipline has recommended an indefinite suspension for Scott C. Smith, the former managing partner at Weston Hurd. The complaint alleged that Smith engaged in unethical billing practices with regard to three clients in five cases over the course of several years. The specific charges […]