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Ohio Supreme Court Says Dismissal of a Grievance May Not Be the Last Word

In a recent disciplinary case, the Supreme Court of Ohio was faced with deciding the finality of a dismissal of a grievance by a certified grievance committee. Their answer was: A committee’s dismissal of a grievance is not a final decision. Roger Kramer of Cleveland was investigated by the Cleveland Metropolitan Bar Association based on […]

What to Do if Disciplinary Counsel Comes Knocking

I frequently speak at CLE events on the topics of legal ethics and professionalism. Almost every time I speak, an audience member will ask, “What should I do if I get a letter of inquiry from Disciplinary Counsel telling me that someone has filed a grievance against me?” The answer is simple, at least in […]

Two-Year Suspension for Akron Attorney In Over Her Head

Decided: December 19, 2013 Attorney:  Michelle Ann Tomer Misconduct:  Neglecting to act with reasonable diligence – Client trust account improprieties – Two-year suspension, stayed on conditions Citation: Akron Bar Association v. Tomer, Slip Opinion No. 2013-Ohio-5494 Discipline:  Two-year suspension, stayed on conditions An Akron lawyer who got in over her head when she transitioned from an assistant […]

Cincinnati Attorney Suspended for One Year

Decided: October 31, 2013 Attorney:  Joy Lawrence, Cincinnati, OH, #0030638, 1985 Misconduct:  Misconduct—Mental-health suspension terminated—Evidence demonstrates that cause for suspension has been removed—Showing that suspension should be terminated does not establish eligibility for reinstatement to practice of law—Review of underlying disciplinary complaint demonstrates multiple violations of Disciplinary Rules Citation: Cincinnati Bar Assn. v. Lawrence, Slip Opinion […]

Ohio Supreme Court Suspends Gallia County Judge

Decided November 19, 2013 Attorney: Judge David Dean Evans, Gallipolis, OH (#0002043), 1972 Misconduct: Violation of the Code of Judicial Conduct and the Rules for the Government of the Bar Citation: Ohio State Bar Assn. v. Evans, Slip Opinion No. 2013-Ohio-4992 Discipline: one-year suspension, all stayed The Ohio Supreme Court has suspended Gallia County Common Pleas Court Judge […]