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Lawyers + Social Media – Part 3

Social media and various legal services websites have provided lawyers with new and numerous ways to connect with clients and potential clients. Services like Avvo have sought to address the ethical concerns about Groupon (see Post #2 in the series) by creating a structure where the client pays the fee to the lawyer, who in […]

Lawyers + Social Media – Part 2

In the first post in this series about lawyers and social media, we focused on ethical issues related to LinkedIn and Facebook. This post examines similar issues related to lawyers’ use of Twitter and Groupon. Twitter More and more lawyers are using Twitter to communicate with potential clients, advertise their services, and comment on legal […]

Lawyers + Social Media – Part 1

Social media has revolutionized how lawyers communicate with clients and advertise their services. But technological advances bring not only opportunities, but also pitfalls. Although it remains to be seen precisely how courts and disciplinary authorities will handle matters of discipline involving lawyers and social media, use of social media platforms implicates ethical rules in both […]

Lack of Technology Proficiency Raises Concerns Beyond Just Competence

We have previously posted entries about the relatively new comment 8 to Rule 1.1, which requires lawyers to keep abreast of changes in relevant technology that affects the practice of law. A new ABA article by a New York attorney discusses the possibility that failure to stay current with technological changes can lead to concerns […]

Responding to a Grievance, Part 3: Recommendations for Responding

In this 3-part discussion, we explore grievances and how to respond to them. In Part 3, we give step-by-step recommendations for what to do after receiving a grievance: First, open the envelope containing the grievance and the Letter of Inquiry. A response date is contained in the letter. While it is not an absolute drop-dead date, […]