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Alabama Chief Justice Attempts to Disqualify Colleagues for Bias

Chief Justice Roy Moore of the Alabama Supreme Court has made headlines this year for his refusal to adhere to the U.S. Supreme Court’s Obergefell decision (which granted same sex couples the right to marry). Now Moore, who is facing ethics charges due to his refusal to honor the federal ruling, has filed a motion […]

Number of People Taking the Ohio Bar Exam Down 20% from 2013

The number of individuals taking the Ohio bar continues to drop. 1,072 people applied to take the July 2016 Bar Exam, according to the Supreme Court of Ohio. That number is down from July of 2015, when 1,117 people applied to take the July Bar, and 1,351 who sought to take the July 2013 Bar. […]

Manziel’s Lawyer Withdraws After Accidental Texts to AP

After accidentally forwarding potentially damaging information about his client to an AP reporter, Bob Hinton, Johnny Manziel’s Texas defense lawyer, has withdrawn from the case. On May 20th, Manziel was involved in a hit-and-run crash. An AP reporter reached out to Hinton for comment on the incident. Apparently intending to text another lawyer involved in […]

Federal Judge Rips DOJ Lawyers, Bars them from Courtroom

In an Opinion and Order quoting both Bridge of Spies and Miracle on 34th Street, Federal Judge Andrew S. Hanen issued an order on May 19, 2016 harshly criticizing the actions of Department of Justice lawyers appearing before him in a case involving President Obama’s immigration policy. After Obama took executive action to prevent deportations […]

Goodbye LSAT?

Law school deans from all over the country have written an open letter to the Law School Admissions Council, expressing support for the University of Arizona, which recently began accepting law students based upon GRE scores rather than LSAT scores. The row began earlier this spring, when Arizona made the decision to give applicants the […]