Posts Written By: Chris Weber

Professional Responsibility CLE at Capital University Law School

On Friday, April 7, the professional responsibility attorneys presented a seminar at Capital University Law School. The CLE focused on attorney discipline in Ohio, professionalism, lawyers and social media, and recent developments in the area of ethics. View the presentation

Lawyer Protection – The Engagement Letter

Carefully drafted engagement letters memorialize reasonable expectations. They can also provide protection for lawyers. Although one size does not fit all, engagement letters should: Identify the client, including who is not the client in the corporate family context. For example, consider language clarifying that representation of a corporate entity is not to be construed as […]

It’s Not You, It’s Me… Okay, It’s You: How to Withdraw from Representing a Client in Ohio

No lawyer wants to face the problem of withdrawing from representation of a client, but most will. Although many lawyers see withdrawal as a straightforward affair, the Rule 1.16 provides numerous ways for a lawyer to stumble. When considering withdrawal for one of the reasons set forth in the rule, a lawyer should consider above […]